Pastor Choo.

Good to hear from you. Although time passes we are still interrelationships, Glory to God. Pastor Choo. Crazy things happen here every week, a few days ago a man came to us, and after a while talking to him shows his 9 millimeter (a revolver). A young man met an old man and killed yesterday morning came a dark screaming for help my wife man, I had gone to my turn. He said he wanted something with God or else he would kill someone. I manage to pray with her through the fence that separates us from the street, people in the industry was frightened, their screams and cries, seemed to demoniac, but you could despair. It was sad. The nice thing is that last night was at the meeting. ¿Pastor you imagine? We teach the message last night was successful. He is from Puerto Tejada (Cauca) and his wife is white, small and Buga (Valle del Cauca). They end up accepting the Lord last night. Uaoooo ... .. They went from there to the altar and pray with and for them.

God is alive. And the word of God is fulfilled when it says that the anointing rots the yoke. Our loving God is right, the children of God nobody messes. And if they get to us is because the Lord permits. Doubt, unbelief and fear fall before the God of the Word. His word still inspires us. Hallelujah. We continue on fighting, and his word is confirmed in us as a couple, as a family and as a church. The Lord is the one who has inspired us to follow him and serve here in this area. For this reason we do not accept the proposal Latino USA. One moves only if God says and / or makes you feel. His peace surpasses all understanding. Although here we have what they proposed to us, if we have the joy of knowing that God has us in Cali. Your town and mine for Christ. Their neighborhood and my neighborhood for Christ. Pastor Choo Colossians 3: 2 continues to put our minds on things above and not on things on the earth.

Pastor I wish the best for this weekend, that the Lord will continue to guide and keeping for Him.

Pastor lot and love him forward. Forward without flinching. My wife a hug and a kiss from my son.

Pr. Hernán González and Gelchie Bolivar.

Nacer New Church, John 3: 3.

(57) 318 8116598

Cali, Colombia.

South America.