Hello Pastor Choo.

I rejoice in hearing from you, thanks for writing. You think because two months ago you set off on a plane from Cali. We love you and follow you in our prayers. Colombia strange part of him. These days it is very hot. These days I wonder: how will the hell? God to use us to wrest souls to satan the enemy of eternity humans.

So these days of Lent we are taking to the streets to evangelize. These days people are more willing to hear the word of God through their children. We have a new project is to open a group in a neighborhood that is located about two miles away. The neighborhood is Porvenir. May God help us and guide. We think that at some point a daughter church opens in that sector.   All this is done for the sake of his last great desire, great commission. Today the great commission has become the great omission.   I'm so glad you liked the passage in Hebrews. So glad today read Isaiah 48:17. May God continue to strengthen us Pastor Choo. You and I are nothing without Him.

On Thursday night he is going to preach on the streets in the neighborhood (called Porvenir). I showed her neighborhood when we were on the bus to the terminal.   Thanks a lot for your prayers. We hope that in the future something happens in that area of Cali. God's times are perfect.

Pastor heat these days in Cali is very strong. Signs of the end of the world. Yesterday miraculously fell a rain, heat today is very strong. And we are already preparing for Easter. God forces them to you and to us to teach his word on that beautiful week. I have noticed that the ministry is not easy, but the Lord has promised that he would be with us always.   Hallelujah.

I am amazed to know that you are interceding for 40 days, Pastor this is shocking. Uaooo ...

Here we holy biblical teaching on Monday. Tuesday prayer. Wednesday night preaching. Thursday evangelism film. Friday teaching, worship and much prayer. And Easter Sunday resurrection we will have the meeting at 5 in the morning.

Pastor Choo wish you a very good rest of the week. Thank you for including us in those forty days of prayer. San Francisco and Cali for Christ.   

I leave hoping that the joy of the Lord remains his strength.

You and we love you so much Pastor.

From a very hot city, Cali.

Hernan GR, John 3: 3 Church.