Hello Pastor Choo.

I hope this well and happy. This Thursday will honor 9 years of marriage, it was a Sunday in a neighborhood church garden city. Yes I was nervous. As you see we have managed to get here.

God is guiding you in all areas in this March, Cease not to put eyes on him. I read the following in a book and I wanted you to read it maybe you anime Pastor.

The Anchor.   In Hebrews 6:19 it says: This hope remains strong and secure our soul, like the ANCHOR stands firm to the ship.

A man assured:   I never thought of the need for an anchor until 1995 he was aboard a sailboat with two masts and 14 meters long when I saw a storm approaching in the Chesapeake Bay.   Clouds veiled sunlight, sea water shook us.   Amid the storm, the captain threw the anchor and chain sank into the depths.   I was stuck in the bottom of the sea, the boat kept quiet and felt safe.

  At that moment I realized that we need an anchor and also the author of the Letter to the Hebrews meant when he tells us that God is our anchor. Sometimes the ANCHOR is all that keeps us safe.   Along the journey of our life, we may feel that strike us as if the wind were tearing our candles and water from flooding the deck of our ship. We would cry for peace to reign in and out of the storm unscathed.

  When the storm rages, God keeps us steady, never hesitates or fails us, always loving. One who can calm in the raging sea is our mighty God, our anchor.

How about you think ?, Pastor Choo after reading this I thought Uaooo ... that God will continue to strengthen in the third month as a believer and as his son, the premise of Psalm 46: 1 God is our refuge and strength.   From the warm Cali a hug.

Pastor Hernan, Family and Church. Greetings, kisses and hugs for everyone too.