We are approaching really busy time of the year but this year we have exciting development.

We would like to ask you remember one particular friend who is our hero and our spiritual leader at the moment.

This friend is a labour worker in the factory. When we first met him 8 years ago, he impressed everyone with his knowledge of our 'Book' even though he didn't have much education. He couldn't read very well even in his mother tongue. But he was a passionate speaker and with natural born spiritual leadership.
He works 12-15 hours a day inside burning factory in such unspeakable place but he has smile on his face always.

Recognising his G-given natural anointing and authority, we encouraged him to take more formal form of training and leadership studies as well as the trainings we provided inside his residential area. 

He successfully completed long distance correspondence course arranged by his own home ch from his homeland. We really have no idea how a person who works 12-15 hours a day work and attend 3 times night fellowships could do such studies as well. But he completed it by self supporting. His monthly salary is about 400/month (our homeland currency).

He has become a leader of 3 people fellowship when he started new fellowship 2 years ago with our encouragement. We have become non-membership attending members under him.
Now he leads 80 members group and will have another daughter group about 50km away from the original meeting group. He sacrificed his only day off to dedicate to grow this groups without taking any salary or f help.

Recently, we requested the group's committee that if fellowship was able to pay for his phone bills to call group members throughout the week. They do not have any f at the moment but they are going to pr to support him for that in the future.

His groups are one of very few self sufficient fellowship groups here inside c*mp. They pay for meeting place rent (cardboard box hall) weekly and transport arrangement for members to come to the meeting from their offerings.

Each week, we get encouragements and strength from seeing their faith and joy.

Recently, we presented them with music system. We have saved our tithing and personal holiday gifts and other gifts we received from our home company friends through our home company. 

We bless them with one love feast meal in Dec but we don't support anything else. They are really true example of people living by faith. Please remember them in your pr.

We thank our L for our country (current residential), our local friends and blessings we received through this land. We love this place and our people. Recently, one of us was away for a few days working in a different place.
Our local friends sent us such sweet messages and kind words while we were away. Some of them are really not keen to associate with people of our faith or west. So it's really special that we have this friendship. Our local friend came to pick one of us up from arrival place and took home in very late evening. Our friend drove long hours to pick up and drop off. 
Next evening, there was a big welcome meal together as if it was long time away. It was just short time of few days only but they had so much things to talk about. It was really lovely time. 

There are things we can not share about our friends. We might never be able to share openly. But please know that unseen world is much much bigger than you can even imagine. Our L is doing absolutely amazing things. 
It's not about us and not about us knowing everything. Please know that what we report is just a small fraction of the big picture. Our G is beyond our measure. What is happening here seems very negative and skeptical in our human eyes but HE is at work and HE never sleeps. HE moves around people here and working in their lives. We are only grateful for being part of it.

Thank you for thinking of us and remembering our friends. Please remember the leader of groups we mentioned above.