Dear and beloved Pastor Choo.

But as you think. You are one of the few people I know, who has clear things with God. His word and teaching reflect God and the purity of the gospel. Everything I write is for the glory of God. My prayer for you is a joy, not a burden. God knows that allows things. We are still waiting on the Lord. Praise His name forever, alleluia. I still see you preaching and teaching in various parts of the world. Our God even gives forces that do not. And he who humbles himself will be raised. Forward Pastor Choo.

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you. Pastor Choo, his prayer for this family, this church are welcome and highly valued. We follow along with you putting your eyes on the author and finisher of our faith.

I was in Jamundí (nearby town), in the neighborhood of Newfoundland. The young worker was motivated Daniel two years ago for me to be launched to the Lord's work. After a while he allied himself to a larger church (church that helps you), I did not object. I was last Saturday at a park basketball, after praise and play corresponded give me the message. At the end more than twenty people accepted the Lord, I saw tears in some. I hope God used the word (word never returns empty). The event had a very large sound speakers, I believe that the wave penetrated in some houses and caused havoc in the world of darkness. It started to rain Pastor Choo. Oh Lord! We pray and the rain was as if God had blown. It was amazing. People were impacted.


Our neighbor told him to wait a few days to repair the damage to our church roof. So I 'll wait and not carry you . Whatever we do, let 's do it for the Lord. And if you must suffer for the Lord, for we suffer. I really care about the soul of my neighbor. For this reason I do not agredo him.


Pastor wave hello to his beloved wife, his children and church. The legacy. They are also on this earth for a purpose. A hug for his brother also.

Yours in Christ.

Pr. Hernán G R.

Cali, Colombia.