Hello Pastor Choo, you know.
Colossians 3: 2 says that we focus our attention on things above. This will allow us to live at a level of more than conqueror as Romans 8:37. This leads me to think that Champions are not those who never fail, but those who never quit. Those who insist, persist and not give up. The good news is that you and I are.
Hernán Hi I am my beloved and appreciated, these days I thought of you as you did me on this 2014.
I just hope you are fine and that the favor and grace of the Lord continue to manifest in your life and ministry.
I want to remind you that God still has bigger things for you were born to be a leader who transcends (Philippians 1: 6) and all you need to do the Lord and the deposit within you, you are a seed which is intended to be a tree that bears much fruit, stays planted by streams of water that's where your strength and ability to bear fruit and that will remain.
Often with discouragement by the desert heat, sometimes injured by the heat of battle but always confident that we are more than conquerors with all the adversity we may face.
We are anointed and sealed by the Holy Spirit to move in places where the Lord put us well and prevail because there is a kingdom within us that is ready to manifest in every place, in every situation.
I like knowing that I am a child of God like you you are, we are different to bring physical and spiritual plane and break into the world of darkness, Alleluia.
I would love to know how are you? remember you have a friend and fellow soldier in Cali, I wish you could write and above all resume some things that Heavenly Father has in his divine agenda.
God bless you abundantly in 2015 and remember that the best is yet to come because I call you God is the one who will sustain you because He still lives. Blessings
Well, we love you very much. Still standing in prayer for your family, for the church, for all plans, and for all that the Lord has placed in your heart for your beloved country.
Happy New Year and many blessings of the Lord's hand. 

Many hugs and lots of love from your brother Hernán, my wife and my son Helchie Hernancito from Cali in Colombia. South America
(57) 318 8116598
Note: Pastor Choo, Western Union code is wrong. could you repeat. Thank You.