Hello Pastor Choo.
It is wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for writing, I feel privileged to receive correspondence. I am glad that it has been in your beautiful country. And you enjoyed the family.
Thank you for your wishes for us and the church.
Yesterday I was in the prison of Palmira preaching to hundreds of prisoners. Including those who have killed and tortured more than 200 people. And I ask for your prayers because tonight we go to preach to transsexuals (men believe women).
I hope to see you in June and to study the Bible in depth in the conference. If possible would be a privilege to have preaching on Wednesday 24 at night in our headquarters. We'll paint the walls of the church to make them look nicer.
Thanks for coming to Cali. A strong wave hello to his brother Elder hug. Please.
Pastor Choo thousand blessings.
Yours in Christ.
Hernán González P. R.
Cali, Colombia