Pastor Choo Hello, How are you .... I hope well, happy and supported in the Lord (our love of loves). Imagine that at the meeting last Sunday week we present to the Lord the first child born in Chicago Colombian mother, that is presented to the Lord the first American child in our congregation. We're international Ha, Ha, Ha ... But that's not all, case two Saturdays ago on a farm a couple, she is from Cali but he is Jamaican. Amazing, he did not understand what I said, so I told her to translate himself and solve the problem, when I told them to kneel for a special prayer, they wept. It was very nice. My first semi-international wedding. This same Saturday afternoon children of the church had an exit to a book fair, so we stayed perfect, our boy was reading books and us wedding cake to eat. Ha, Ha, Ha ...

Three weeks ago a lady of the church and his family went to Germany, to the city of Hamburg (city which invented the hamburger), her life lived here in this neighborhood, but talking to her (69 years) day turned his father was German and escaped from Nazi Germany, dies in Colombia when she was 10 years old. I write a mayor of a town of Germany, brings me to the office of the Civil Registry and they answer me with the civil registration of her father in 1907, they sent me from Germany the Civil Registry. I did not think it was amazing, I showed it to her and almost had a cardiac arrest, Ha, Ha, Ha ... we went to the consulate and 6 months later gave nationality and passport. Oh, Pastor. God is amazing, does amazing things.

And last Sunday we had the Bible marathon. Celebrating 500 years of the reform. read the Bible without for and relays. It was nice to see people just by reading aloud crying. I send you a picture of my wife in the middle of reading. Today we film, the story of Martin Lutero in modern version. And on Friday we will have a night of healing, I hope God Pastor Choo move. The world is very sick.

Oh, Pastor leave you a hug and Adelante. I hope all this going well for the January conference.

We love you . Many greetings to all.

Hernan Pr GR