Hi, Friends

There is something we need your 'thoughts' and lifting up to dad. Please remember us.

Our home area is built on the former rubbish dump and very close to sewage pond. It's very common that new (built within last 10 years) residential community is built on old rubbish dump. When the country started to build up infra structure, they didn't have any idea that it will expand so much later. Rubbish dump was usually about 20-30km away from original inhabitation but as country expanded more and more residential areas came to inland where many rubbish dumps were located.

Our friends inside cmp live on exactly same kind of land. 

We've been living in current housing for a few years now and there was no serious problem before but recently we are attacked by so many parasites and bug problem. We realised our respiratory illness might have been related to this. 

At the moment, our home is invaded by small insects and flies reminding us the time of plagues of Eg. 

And in this month, we haven't been getting completely clean water. Our tab water is yellowish brown for about first 5 minutes of running and it becomes kind of cloudy clear.

Please remember us this month as we feel that living environment is suddenly threatened. 

Housing is certainly the biggest challenge we have here. Our personal housing condition has been rapidly reduced and declined due to inflation and housing rent market raise strictly controlled by the local authority to keep outsiders under control. 

It's a ongoing challenge but we have been protected by our L and we are thankful for our place. 

Please be with us in pr and lift this current situation to our dad for us.