Dear Pastor Choo.


How is it going? I hope you enjoy on your servant status, it is great recognize that we are his servants and servants as He moves us to his discretion as he wants. We are His. I think initially also say that I am a servant. Hallelujah. It sounds better and says a lot about what God wants for His people in this generation. We keep praying and believing shepherd the perfect (and better) God is upon us and upon our affairs. Their issues are my issues and my issues are their issues. We continue to believe that something will happen and what is happening in your body, life, family and ministry. May God continue using it with Koreans, Americans and people of Cali and elsewhere in the world. I believe what you have of God. Training and character after so many years of serving and teaching, are worth gold for the body of Christ. Philippians 3:10. You are always welcome to Colombia to bring the pure gospel and eternal.

Pastor Choo sometimes one gets hit by reasons of the work. Many people do not value everything that is done or made on their behalf. Still, our trust is in God. El receive the award.

Imagine Twelve people left the church; four of them to Costa Rica (for a better life, they say), six more to a city called Seville. And he died a few days ago a lady of the church. All were in love with the Lord, but feel the void (empty chairs). Yesterday I was in prison and thank God for the church which is located inside this place. It is amazing how some prisoners sell marijuana and wonder how God responds to requests miraculous way. Where sin abounds grace abounds and plenty. As long as we continue forces and serve the Lord, and we will put your eyes on the Lord and of our faith.

Pastor greet my wife sends my son and the church also sends him a big hug (no broken bones. Ha, Ha, Ha ...). They are asking me a photo of yourself, to print and put it in the family album. If you can, you send it by mail this fabulous serious and here we print it .

Pastor proceed. We love you very much. From Cali.

Many, Many Blessings.

Shepherd. Hernán González R