Hi, greetings from families and they are praying for you, Its holiday time now and the kids are home doing some work as well as going to church for some programmes, most kids did well at school and were promoted to other classes except the new ones we had just got...

We gave the money in the following way.

1, Each kid was given $ 20 for christmas gift, all the money is with Pastor Isaac and Margret the plan was that the las sturday all kids come in market and buy what they want as gift. It all went well. = $200
2, We spent  $35 for all kids to buy new mattresses = $ 350.

3, $ 50 was used to pay some small bills for medical for John, Robinah and Justine they were previously sick

4,  I sac of sugar was bought at  $ 50 which was Distributed to all.
5, 1 sac of Rice  was bought at   $ 60  which was distributed to all
6,  2 boxes of soap were bought at $ 45 which were distributed to all
7, we spent  $45 on  body lotion, Razor blades, tooth brush, books and pens for those who will study in holiday. 

Will send some photo's.

God bless and HAPPY CHRITMAS.